Alessio Frassinetti goes to discover Mazda’s new crossover. The CX-30 has a sporty ride and a revolutionary engine. Let’s find out!

Sporty driving

In Mazda they have focused everything on sporty driving, however in a natural sense, this means that the driver in this car must feel at one with the vehicle. And actually in some respects it is just like that thanks to a triangulation between gear lever, steering wheel and seat that is perfect.

Back seats

The space at the rear is not bad but there are three things to improve or to fix: the opening of the doors is not so wide so those who are taller struggle to get in and out, especially even those who perhaps have mobility problems. In the central part there is also the absence of the through load so you cannot pass long loads such as a pair of skis. Finally, the central part also lacks charging sockets.

Revolutionary engines

Mazda CX-30 is one of two Mazda cars that brings a brand new engine called Skyactiv-X to its debut. It is a petrol that behaves in some respects like a diesel. there are also mild-hybrid petrol engines and also a 116-horsepower Skyactiv-D diesel.

Acoustic comfort

The acoustic comfort of the car is good but better could be done to cover the noise of traffic and the surrounding environment.


The boot lid is electrically controlled and is probably the slowest thing ever seen on a modern car.


This model reveals a lot of space inside, especially for the four suitcases of our set even if there would have been a little more.

To find out more about the new Mazda CX-30, check out the full test drive!

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